The direct extrusion allows the production of all the "special" filled or reinforced sheets having high technological value with higher performances at considerably reduced production costs.

Higher performances obtained thanks to a single melting cycle, granting the polymer to maintain its original characteristics and a really contained degradation level.

Low production costs due to: 

  • Elimination of compound production costs (energy, manpower, etc.) 
  • Processing mark up (out-sourcing)
  • Much higher energy efficiency of the corotating extruder
  • Possibility to use simpler formulation (less additives)
  • Improved flexibility with the possibility of a fast formulation change

Filled Reinforced Sheets

Classical/typical application examples are:

  • High-thickness filled PP or HDPE sheets for tanks production for chemical industry
  • Highly filled EVA sheets for deadening panels production
  • Highly filled sheets for the production of electromagnetic waves absorbent panels
  • Glass reinforced polyamide sheets to be used also for technical items thermoforming
  • Highly filled PVC sheets starting from powders (without dry-blend) used in building industry

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