CO-ROTATING TWIN SCREW EXTRUDERS - Compounding & Extrusion Systems

ICMA® enjoys +50 years of successful experience in designing and manufacturing turn-key compounding and extrusion systems for polymers and other industries.

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Pioneers in Wood Plastic Technology

ICMA® is your Partner of Choice for Superior Performance.
First in the world to extrude WPC products.

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Expert in Direct Extrusion Systems

The successful experience in designing and manufacturing direct extrusion systems based on its proprietary co-rotating technology.

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Expert in Advanced Recycling Systems

In a very competitive market for recycled polymers the use of state-of-the art co-rotating extruders provide significant benefits.

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Toward a Circular Economy

Advanced Recycling Solutions
for plastic and rubber.

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Spare parts & Service

Spare parts & Customer Services
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CO-ROTATING EXTRUDERS - Compounding & Extrusion Systems

With foundations that root back to 1945, ICMA San Giorgio is one of the oldest and most experienced European engineering mechanical company specialised in Compounding & Extrusion Systems

Based in northern Italy, ICMA supplies turn-key systems for Compounding, Advanced recycling and Extrusion applications with a high degree of customisation.

All systems are equipped with state of the art co-rotating twin screw extruders to cover a wide range of formulations mainly in the plastic industries. ICMA’s systems, equipped with its co-rotating extruders, also perfectly address several advanced plastic recycling tasks, from max output, to odour extraction and perfect mixing, enabling the GREEN transition at the highest level.

Internal engineering, production & assembly, fast reactive experienced people and a unique space for production trials are all distinctive elements that make ICMA an ideal partner for customer success.

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Co-rotating Extruder - ICMA
Green Tech - Recycling System

Green technologies for plastic up-cycling and compounding & extrusion of renewable materials, a unique offer

ICMA has developed, in more than 30 years of continuous work, compounding and extrusion technologies addressing demanding tasks for the reuse of Renewal &/or Recyclable Resources (e.g. natural fibers &/or plastic waste) and the Reduction of Energy consumption.

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Our fields of application

ICMA today operates in several markets that arise in various states of the value chain. It spans from upstream sectors such as petrochemical until reaching markets closer to the consumer sector serving either for compounding or sheet/profile extrusion several vertical markets like automotive, construction, white goods and packaging.

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