Both for cable production and for other special applications like the non-toxic compound for the medical field, ICMA has engineered special compounding lines particularly designed to process rigid, soft and hyper-filled PVC.

By using a co-rotating extruder, the process performance is better in comparison with a traditional counter-rotating extruder, both from the point of view of energy consumption and throughput per hour.

Soft or rigid PVC:

1 Turbo-mixer, 2 Dosing unit, 3 MCM extruder, 4 Venting system, 5 Hot-face pelletizer.


Rigid PVC:

1 Gravimetric feeding unit, 2 Gravimetric feeding unit, 3 Gravimetric feeding unit, 4 Gravimetric feeding unit, 5 Side feeding unit, 6 MCM extruder, 7 Venting system, 8 Hot-face pelletizer.

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