The Ecoimpatto project has made available an innovative technology capable of making semi-finished products such as profile, decking, siding, or sheets made of materials derived from heterogeneous waste plastics with high aesthetic and functional characteristics. Among the most immediate products, there are profiles of various amplitudes and aesthetic and functional features.

The present market already sees the use of heterogeneous waste plastics with the limitation however that available technology does not allow such composites and artifacts to have aesthetic and functional qualities that can increase their commercial penetration in applications where they are already present or promote their diffusion and adoption in others.

Ecoimpatto Profiles Technology

This Ecoimpatto technology is very innovative in particular for the following reasons:

  • Significantly improves the aesthetic and functional qualities of those products already produced with waste plastics by increasing the penetration of recycled waste plastics in areas where they are already present (buildings, buildings, etc.)
  • Opens interesting and new opportunities in new applications, where aesthetics are critical and are therefore precluded from recycled plastics (eg furniture)
  • Expands the population of recyclable plastics even to those fractions, called PlasMix, which are now not vaporizable through mechanical recycling and therefore initiated for energy recovery (waste-to-energy)
  • Significantly reduces the energy consumption per unit of product obtainable through the unification of the granulation/homogenization and extrusion processes (direct extrusion) into a single extrusion process, nowadays handled as processes separated by traditional technology
  • Contributes to the Sustainable Growth Goals set by all world governments (including the European Community) as absolute priorities

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