What is a Pilot and Lab Extruder and its function?

An ICMA's Lab extruder is a small extruder able to produce, in small batches, products, and compounds by mirroring what a bigger industrial extruder can do. 

Brief description and technical features:
ICMA's Lab systems are perfectly equipped for use as development units with the same process engineering features & equipment applied to production scale extrusion lines in order to ensure reliable and safe scale-up. It is extremely user-friendly also of its compact dimension
Modular screws of the co-rotating extruder with several geometries and different barrel designs are combined with a wide range of ancillary equipment to deliver maximum flexibility

Who should buy:
Companies aiming at studying new processes or/and upgrading existing formulations before going to real production. Also good for small production batches.

The advantages you can achieve by having such a system are:
Minimize operational risks of new formulation before going into production
Minimize time to market and “payback” period of new developments
Minimize risks related to “information protection” issues compared to external development
By decreasing the risks/costs above detected “returns” of new developments are maximized

Lab extruder
Screw Diameter (mm) Da/di Md/a^3 (Nm/cm^3)
per shaft
Maximum Screw Speed


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