Co-rotating Technology

Our years of knowledge and experience are available to ICMA customers through intelligent and sustainable solutions

Co-rotating segmented screws & barrels deliver a unique performance.

Co-rotating twin screw extruders occupy a dominant position among extruders and are widely used in a great variety of applications. The typical scope of application is compounding, and processing of plastics, although this technology is finding more and more industrial spaces, like in rubber, composites and food processing, thanks to its versatility, high performance and technical reliability

The development of this type of extruders goes back a long way. The first commercially produced machine was invented in 1939 by a brilliant Italian engineer, Roberto Colombo founder of LMP.

Innovation HUB

ICMA has created a unique place, for our existing and potential customers, for testing formulations, running small production trials, developing new projects on our co-rotating extruders. 

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