At ICMA's new INNOVATION HUB, our experienced laboratory personnel and versatile equipment help customers solve a variety of research and development challenges, including both pilot- and pre-production testing.

Our lab facility includes a pilot line with a twin-screw co-rotating extruder (MCM/25HT) for running preliminary suitability and processing tests on a variety of materials and compounds. 

Second-phase pre-production testing is performed on our industrial extrusion line, The line is, equipped with a full-sized twin-screw co-rotating extruder (MCM/60HT) suitable for verification of specific production parameters.

We also have a very extended range of ancillaries equipment, underwater and strand pelletizers, latest generation filtering equipment, turbo mixers, gravimetric dosing units, pumps, calenders, profile die heads, single extruders for co-extrusion, etc making possible a wide range of TRIALS for different processes and materials.


Lab Testing

Material characterizations are then available in ICMA (basic tests) and in associated external laboratories like IIP (ISTITUTO ITALIANO DEI PLASTICI) very close to our premises.


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