How is PET recycling?

Extrusion/recycling of PET flakes into sheet or foil without de-humidification and crystallization


The use of packaging is exponentially grown in the ‘90 and this has generated enormous problems with waste disposal. This, in addition to a new global ecological awareness, led to research aimed at the recycling of plastics waste.
The simplest products to identify and select are the PET bottles; a circuit for PET flakes recovering/selecting / washing has been created, introducing into the market a big quantity of very good quality scraps.

Transforming these flakes into a value-increased product is exactly the best example of where a twin-screw co-rotating extruder can show all its quality and advantages.

The extraordinary feeding capacity of a co-rotating extruder allows the introduction of even 100 % recycled scraps without affecting the machine throughput.

The extrusion of a PET thermoformable foil with a co-rotating machine is a very cheap process with halved energy costs in comparison to the traditional systems.
Exploiting the extreme efficiency of the co-rotating extruder degassing system, it is possible to process the PET without the need to dehumidify and consequently crystallize the flakes before extrusion. All this maintains a degradation degree, natural for PET, within well acceptable limits for the intended final applications. 

De-humidification & Crystallization are processes requiring high-energy consumption and by avoiding these phases, in addition to the typical low consumption of the co-rotating extruder, you can get a decisively competitive production cost.




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