Spare parts and Technical Services

Our goal is to keep customers operating at peak efficiency. Our service team operates our HELP DESK 16 hours/day.

We provide a number of customized service activity:

  • Comprehensive inventory of replacement components for screws elements, barrels sections, shafts, heaters, gears...
  • Hydraulic screw dismantling service through a special machine tools internally developed for a gentle and safe screw extraction.  
  • Gear box service like repair of worn components,  inspection and evaluation service  
  • Installation & start-up support
  • Barrel measurements done with specialized tooling to detect worn parts BEFORE process is affected
  • Refurbishment of old extruders with associated new certification (e.g. machine directive)
  • Planned preventive maintenance service through modular package by a skilled technician (mechanical, electrical, electro-mechanical)
  • Service training both theoretical and practical, in-house or to customers' sites
  • The new I-SMART control system for preventive maintenance, special sensors integrated into your extruder for industry 4.0 solutions.

→ Phone: +39 0331 407004
→ Email:

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