ICMA selected Finalist at the prestigious Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2019 for best Recycling Machinery Innovation

ECOIMPATTO offers a solution for the recycling of inseparable, un-washed, heterogenous post-consumer plastic waste into a valuable product as it applies the techniques of highly performing technology derived from compounding applications. This extrusion line was developed by ICMA SAN GIORGIO, a well-established company making systems for the global compounding and extrusion industries.  
The innovation significantly improves the aesthetic and functional qualities and
at the same time opens new opportunities for this waste stream in emerging applications where aesthetic aspect is critical and which are, for this reason, now precluded to recycled plastics. Furthermore, ECOIMPATTO increases the overall share of recyclable plastics, which cannot be processed with current mechanical recycling technology and therefore very often end up in landfills.
Thanks to the unification of the compounding, homogenization and extrusion
steps into one single process, the innovation significantly reduces the energy consumption per obtainable unit of product.
The “co-rotating” extruder is the key part of the new extrusion line. This extruder
secures high performing mixing capabilities, while at the same time it preserves the recyclates from thermal degradation. This extrusion line is designed in “direct extrusion”, a sophisticated extrusion technique known for high quality processes where material stress and energy consumption are minimized.
ECOIMPATTO contributes to the targets of sustainable growth posed worldwide,
including the European Community, as a top priority.

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