ICMA SAN GIORGIO and SO.F.TER. a 30-year partnership in the compounding technologies.

SO.F.TER. enhances the overall production capacity of engineering plastics by 30,000 ton/year. The equipment, supplied by ICMA SAN GIORGIO, is aimed at consolidating the Group's growth in particular in the automotive industry.

SO.F.TER. purchased from ICMA SAN GIORGIO three new lines for the production of engineering plastics that will increase the total production capacity of 30,000 tons per year. The machines are intended for installation in the Forli, Ferrara and Silao (Mexico) sites and will enable the SO.F.TER. Group to strengthen its presence in the automotive and household appliances sectors and also to consolidate the company role as a global supplier.

The machines are three co-rotating twin screw extruders capable of working at high flow rates different materials such as PP or PA filled or glass-fibre reinforced up to 50%. The extruder is made with wear resistant steels and is designed according to a modular construction logic which will allow to contain the maintenance costs.

"We are very proud of the 30-year partnership with SO.F.TER., a company which has established itself with great entrepreneurial ability and competence as an international leader in the field of engineering plastics. We are also pleased that ICMA has been able to contribute to these significant results over the years by supplying high performance co-rotating extruders, accompanied by world class customer service. Besides, the relaunch of the Ferrara plant (former P-Group), acquired by SO.F.TER. in 2011, allows us to participate, as a supplier, in a very positive initiative that helps keep in our Country a center of technological excellence" said Giorgio Colombo, Managing Director of ICMA SAN GIORGIO.

"In addition to contributing to the recovery plan of the Ferrara technological center, this investment confirms the intention of SO.F.TER. Management to maintain Italy as a privileged production platform for the European markets" confirmed Stefano Zocca, Managing Director of SO.F.TER. "Mexico, on the other hand, thanks to its strategic location and efficient logistic structures, is becoming the basis for our expansion towards the NAFTA countries: from there you can easily supply the companies located in United States or in Canada and it is also possible to collaborate with corporations that have relocated their production to Mexico and are looking for local partners with a European technological and quality level" he concluded."

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