ICMA's new proposals at K 2022 Exhibition

Recycling Compounding Plant ICMA

ICMA will attend the show with the GREEN space for Advanced Mechanical Recycling and the ORANGE space for its Compounding plants and Extruders.

>       In the GREEN space ICMA will present:

  • The innovative “ONE-STEP” UP-CYCLING line for flexible packaging in its latest patented version where one co-rotating extruder can produce, at the highest productivity level, top quality recycled compounds with the best energy-saving performances and with a minimal and easy-to-manage layout.
  • New technics and solutions applied to ICMA’s established compounding/upcycling systems, like stripping, optimal design simulation, and integration of devices, to maximize quality outcomes even from the most challenging waste.                                                                       
  • The latest track record of turnkey lines, also for direct extrusion/recycling (e.g., Ecosheet technology), where ICMA’s technology and execution expertise is well proven by facts.


>           In the ORANGE space focus we will be on:

  • Advanced compounding & direct extrusion in dynamic areas like engineering compound, TPE, HFFR, Green Polymer, and other materials tied to MEGATRENDS.
  • Latest lines installed, with embedded innovations, for BIOPOLYMER, WATERSOLUBLE, and NATURAL FIBRE compounds.

Finally, we are excited to invite and welcome to our INNOVATION CENTER, the many European START-UPS and EARLY-STAGE ventures that need industrial compounding or extrusion lines to develop new products and formulations and achieve the deserved success.

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