Plastic Recycling Machines & Plants

The co-rotating technology delivered by ICMA is appropriate to secure UP-CYCLING results and when:

  • There is a need to process materials that are hardly recyclable with traditional technologies
  • You want to create a material with higher specifications to replace virgin materials in technical applications
  • You need a very high production capacity. In these cases, it becomes more and more frequently the case of companies normally using single-screw extruders for the recycling of materials from post-consumer, that when it becomes necessary to expand their business, they choose to almost double their production capacity by replacing the existing single-screw extruders with the same number of twin-screw co-rotating ones.

Another advantage, not negligible considering the trend of the energy costs, is represented by the very high energy efficiency that the co-rotating technology guarantees.

Notwithstanding all these assessments, is still difficult to "sell" these benefits when you have to extrude a seemingly simple product.

Only the co-rotating technology has the unique opportunity to ADD fillers or reinforcements to the recyclate thus securing a much larger and more profitable market opportunity.

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Types of Plastic Recycling Machines & Plants

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