The twin-screw corotating extruder is greatly used for processing those raw materials particularly sensitive to the thermal and mechanical stress, for example in the cables production.

In this area ICMA has developed a very skilled technology for the production of some type of compounds, such as Cross-Linked compounds silane / peroxide based or peroxide base for low-medium voltage (XLPE), Flame-Retardant compounds (FR) and “Halogen-Free” compounds (HFRR). In these applications the mixing quality – further to the high dispersion degree – and temperature control are key for good processing.


Crosslinked (XLPE) - silane and peroxide base:

1 gravimetric feeder for polymers, 2 gravimetric feeder for additives, 3 gravimetric feeder for liquid components, 4 MCM corotating extruder, 5 hot-face pelletizer.


Crosslinked (XLPE) - peroxide base:

1-4 gravimetric feeder, 5 gravimetric feeder for liquid, 6 co-rotating extruder, 7 lateral feeder, 8 degassing unit, 9 single screw extruder, 10 pelletizer.

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